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Departure is an experiment in creating compelling and sonically rich electronic music by starting with a single sound source per track. Sometimes the sound source isn’t even musical to begin with, such as on tracks 1, 2 and 3, or it’s a very simple, short sample such as a kick drum or sine wave, as on the remaining tracks. No other drum sounds, instruments, synthesizers, presets or loops were used to create the music you will hear on this EP. However, each original sound has been cut up, sliced, diced, rearranged, repeated, looped and affected significantly to create new sounds. This is by no means a new concept and I was heavily inspired by little-scale who has been using this technique for years. I simply wanted to give myself a creative challenge and subvert the idea that to make interesting electronic music you must use expensive plugins and VSTs or rely on drum loops and samples (or hardware, which I definitely can’t afford!).

Software: Renoise + minimal free VST effects

Track 1 created from a recording of a 56k dialup modem
Track 2 created from jpeg and bmp files loaded as audio data
Track 3 created from a recording of a 56k dialup modem
Track 4 created from a Boss DR-110 kick drum sample
Track 5 created from a sine wave sample
Track 6 created from a sine wave sample

Greetings: little-scale, Alex Cichowski, James Watmuff, Skylarkk


released December 31, 2013

Music digitally created by Nathan Stanley
Cover photography by Nathan Stanley




freezedream Adelaide, Australia

freezedream is an Australian underground electronic music artist. In his spare time he creates emotive, organic digital music that causes one to reflect on life and conjures up vivid visual dreamscapes.

He loves the challenge of limitation and experimentation and is learning to embrace the imperfect.
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